Ytong Goes Live with Mobisale!

Ytong, the largest manufacturer of aerated concrete and blocks and a leading company in the building solutions, has chosen to implement Mobisale solution just a few months ago, and as of today it’s sales reps at field are using Mobisale to grow their sales.

Ytong has successfully implemented Mobisale order taking module, that enables the sales reps to view 360-degree of information on every customer at a glance, capture data-driven orders, provide better service for its customers and more.

On the next step of the project, Ytong will implement Mobisale mobile B2B solution that will enable contractors, sites managers and other customers to place an order by themselves via simple and easy-to-use mobile app, enables them to see information on each product, stock levels, prices and more, and to coordinate the delivery to the time and place they need it.

Matan Holander, VP Business Development at Mobisoft, said that “It’s exciting to see that Ytong, which operates in the construction industry that considers to be a slow adaptor of new technologies, invest in innovative solutions that will help them to sell more and better serve their customers. We are happy to be chosen by Ytong management for this project, and after successful implementation of Mobisale to the sales reps of the company, looking forward to the next step of the project that will help Ytong become the company its customers love to order from”


Matan Holander