Provide your sales reps
the tool they need to sell more

Enable your field sales teams to be more effective, sell smarter, faster and increase order size with Mobisoft's intuitive mobile app. Digital catalog, 360-view of every customer and product, selling recommendations, promotions, dashboards and more.

Sales became personal. So should you.

  • Capture orders and collect payments

    Enable your sales reps to capture orders, send quotes, manage returns, collect payments and perform all other transactions needed.

  • Fast search

    Search products in no time by categories, sub-categories or according to name, SKU, barcode or any other item property. Scan barcodes with your barcode scanner or camera or just flip through the catalog to find the products you are looking for.

  • Comprehensive product information

    Answer all your customers’ questions on products from a detailed product page including selling units, stock levels, last order date, last selling price, present photos and videos, and even product ingredients, instructions and any other information that will help you generate sales.

  • Efficient and speedy ordering

    Now, you can duplicate and edit past orders, use a barcode scanner or QR reader to place orders.  Choose to order by prepacks, units of measurement, and mix and match options for greater efficiency, accuracy with less data input.

Beat the competition at field

  • 360 Customer information at a glance

    Get all the relevant information on the customer at the point of sale: order history, open debts, items not purchased for a period of time and other analytics, so you can personalize the sale and increase order size.

  • Customer specific pricing

    Define each customer’s specific pricelists, promotions and special offers straight from your ERP or from our back-office, where you can set up promotions such as Buy X, and Get Y for free, Buy X and Get Y% discount, Buy X and get Y in a special price and more. Let your reps decide whether to use a promotion or not, or to change the price manually for the items they are allowed to, according to your discount policy.

  • Targets, KPI's and guided selling

    Give sales reps easy access to their KPIs and empower them to succeed by offering unique AI-driven upsell and cross-selling opportunities while they’re capturing orders.

Grow sales with action-oriented analytics

  • Collect information from the field

    With our survey and questionnaire capabilities, you can now bring much more value from your sales reps than just taking orders. Request that they collect pricing information on the competition, take photos of the shelves and marketing materials at the point-of-sale, etc.

  • Turn data into insights

    Mobisale offers extremely insightful and action-oriented, out-of-the-box analytics through dashboards, views and reports over products, customers and trends, so your sales reps will be able to make informed decisions at the points of sale.

Working offline = No downtime

  • Stop worrying about connectivity

    Mobisale enables you to continue working when connectivity is lost, without losing any functionality. Synchronizing between Mobisale and your ERP will occur automatically once connectivity returns.

  • Bring your own device

    Whether you want to equip your sales reps with a dedicated tablet or you want them to use their own smartphones, Mobisale gives you the freedom to choose the right device for your needs.

  • Amazing user experience

    Bring your sales reps the easiest-to-use, most intuitive solution on the market, so you can increase adoption, usability and engagement of your sales reps.

  • Gamification and team collaboration

    Run competitions between your sales reps on sales, visits or any other KPI to encourage them to do more each day, harness the power of the team to improve outcomes!

Gain control over your field operations

  • Keep your eyes on the field

    Mobisale supports GPS location services, so you can know where your reps are at any time of the work day, from where they sent orders and how much time they spent with each customer. This way you can manage your team most effectively.

  • Management approvals in real-time

    Managers can receive all work flow approval requests to a dedicated app on their mobile smartphones, so they can approve or decline real-time requests from the field for price exceptions, sales to customers exceeding credit limit, and more.

Fully integrated with your ERP and back office systems

  • Fast, secure integration to the leading ERP and accounting systems

    So your sales reps have all relevant customer at the point of sale, with up-to date inventory levels and product information, and transmit orders automatically for processing in your ERP, and to minimize the order-to-cash cycle.

  • Cloud based or on-premises

    Mobisale runs in either a private or public cloud, powered by AWS cloud infrastructure, or on your premises. this provides you the modularity, agility and scalability you need for easy deployment, with adjustment for local requirements to meet your global needs.

  • Set your business rules easily

    Define your minimum drop per order, order units for each product, credit limits, manual discount policy and more. You can do it all on your ERP or in our back-office.

  • Technology partners

    Mobisale can integrate with in-store data companies; CRM systems such as SalesForce; image recognition for in-store shelving measurement such as Trax and Planorama; and data visualization and BI solutions, such as Qlikview and Tableau, this way  you will have the best tools and the most advanced technology, without leaving our app.