It's easy to tailor Mobisale to diverse industries

The more your business has to think about, the more Mobisale can help make your operations and sales more efficient and profitable.

Solution Overview

Mobisale is the ultimate all-in-one software solution for brands and wholesalers in diverse industries. Essentially, we all share the same concerns about competition, pricing, on-shelf presence, logistics, and sales. Whatever kind of goods you sell, Mobisale is the ultimate tool for boosting business efficiency, transparency and profitability.

With its versatile modules and simple integration with existing systems, you can change the way your organization communicates with customers and takes orders by streamlining the processes through our cutting-edge platform, which your team can use on their mobile devices.

“Encountering Mobisoft was a streak of luck, because we can now customize our activities more efficiently and effectively – leaving time for more sales activities”
Nir Meyer, COO, Darplast

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Order Taking

Enable your field sales teams to sell smarter and faster and increase order size with intuitive mobile app. Digital catalog, 360-view on every customer and product, selling recommendations, promotions, dashboards and more.

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Retail Execution

Win the competition on the self and stop losing sales due to low level of display quality, out of stocks and inefficient execution of activities at the point of sale. With Mobisale your field teams can capture observations and market intelligence from the field, track planograms, get 360-view data over customer and analyze customer results so they can take action to increase sales.

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Route Accounting DSD

Maximize your direct store deliveries efficiency with providing van sellers a simple and easy to use mobile app with their daily route, customer information, full catalog and customer-specific pricing and promotions, so they can quickly replenish goods, issue invoices or delivery notes and collect payments at the field.

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Proof of Delivery

Bring your organization to the digital age by streamlining distribution processes and getting real-time control over your drivers' operation at field. Capturing electronic proof of delivery enables you to work paperless, while providing your customers a new, innovative and "Uber" like experience.

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B2B eCommerce

Your customers can now order from you any time, from anywhere with intuitive mobile apps and web portal, discover new products, promotions, stock availability and more.

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