The leading B2B commerce platform for sales and distribution of consumer goods

Mobisale is the leading comprehensive solution for sales and distribution field activities, such as order taking, route accounting, retail execution, proof of deliveries, and B2B E-commerce. Mobisale can cover all of these aspects of sales and distribution, or you can purchase individual modules.

Order Taking


    Enable your sales reps to capture orders, send quotes, manage returns, collect payments and perform all other transactions needed.


    Answer all your customers’ questions on products from a detailed product page including selling units, stock levels, last order date, last selling price, present photos and videos, and even product ingredients, instructions and any other information that will help you generate sales.


    Get all the relevant information on the customer at the point of sale: order history, open debts , and any relevant analytics, so you can personalize the sale and increase order size.


    Work does not need to pause when connectivity challenges arise. Sales reps can work in an offline mode, without losing functionality. Mobisale and your company’s ERP will synchronize automatically once connectivity is reestablished.

Route accounting – Direct Store Deliveries

  • Quick order taking and invoicing

    Easily take orders, replenish goods, process returns, issue invoices, collect payments, capture electronic signatures, and prints documents – all in-store.

  • Full support of complex pricing

    Mobisale supports unique pricelists per customer, with special promotions and discounts and manual discounts –  based on your ERP or our back-office data.

  • Improved Inventory control

    Track and manage your on-the-go, delivered, damaged and returned inventory to decrease your inventory investments.

  • Schedule routes

    Plan and schedule store visits and deliveries more efficiently.

Retail Execution

  • Execute in-store activities

    Improve merchandising effectiveness with the execution of in-store activities, such as store checks, competitor audits, and planogram compatibility.

  • Collect business information

    With our surveys capabilities, you can now easily capture information on the competition, take photos of the shelves and marketing materials at the point of sale, and more.

  • Capture planogram photos

    Take photos of product displays to enable the back-office teams to track the planogram and contractual terms compliance.

  • Gamification and team collaboration

    Run competitions between your merchandisers on visits or any other KPI to encourage them to do more every day and harness the power of the team to improve outcomes.

Proof of Delivery

  • Customer visibility on status of pick-up, delivery and ETA

    Give your customers an “Uber” kind of experience by sending them an SMS that informs them the driver is on his way, with the driver’s location on the map and his estimated time of arrival.

  • Delivery confirmation with electronic signature

    Capture proof of delivery with an on-screen signature from a customer, along with recipient details (e.g. an ID photo). A PDF will be saved to your ERP or in a digital archive for future access.

  • Full Visibility

    Plan, dispatch, and analyze deliveries through a single customizable dashboard. Track drivers and orders in real-time over a visual map and resolve issues based on customizable alerts.


    With Mobisale, drivers can receive their job allocations or manifests, report the vehicle safety check, on a simple mobile app with a user-friendly interface.

B2B E-commerce

  • Receive orders anytime, anywhere

    In the amazon-age, you can’t leave your customer with the “old-fashion” way of ordering. He does not want to call your sales rep, send him an SMS, send a fax to your office, or wait until your back office will pick up the phone. He wants to send you an order in a self-service way.

  • Mobile first platform

    More than 80% of the online orders are coming from mobile smartphones. This is the reason you need a commerce platform that is designed first for mobile, so you maximize the user experience.

  • New marketing tools

    Enable your customers to access YouTube videos, Facebook pages, and links to your website, send them push notifications on new products and promotions, updates on deliveries, reminders to send orders, and open a new direct communication channel between your brand and your customers.

  • Save your sales reps time

    Studies show that 70% of the time your sales rep spent with a customer is “wasted” on transferring technical information – stock levels, product information, and more. Let your customers receive this information by themselves, so your sales reps can visit more customers, and gain more from their time with each of them.

Fully integrated with your ERP and BO systems

  • Fast and secured integration with leading ERP and accounting systems

    Field reps have access to all relevant information on a customer at the point of sale, icluding up-to-date inventory levels and product information. Orders can also be transmitted automatically for processing in an ERP to minimize order-to-cash cycle. 

  • Cloud based or on-premise

    Mobisale runs either in a private or public cloud, powered by AWS cloud infrastructure, or on your own servers. It enables you the modularity, agility, and scalability that you need for easy deployment, with adjustment for local requirements to meet your global needs.


  • Fully configurable for your needs

    With fully hosted cloud-based options or on-premise deployment, Mobisale was designed to meet the unique requirements and needs of any business. You can configure everything from whether drivers can change the order of tasks, to what data they need to capture in every delivery, as well as the KPIs you monitor on the dashboard.

  • Security and compliance

    Mobisale can integrate with in-store data companies, CRM systems, image recognition tools, and  BI solutions – so you will have the best tools and the most advanced technologies, without leaving our app.