Create the perfect store with Mobisale

Mobisale enables your field teams to capture observations and market intelligence at the point of sale, track planograms, get 360-view data over customers and analyze customer results so they can take action to increase sales.

Retail audits at the point of sale

  • Execute in-store activities

    Improve merchandising by executing various in-store activities, such as store checks, competitor audits, and planogram capability. 

  • Collect information from the field

    With our survey capabilities, you can now easily capture information on the competition, take photos of the shelves and marketing materials at the point of sale, and more.

  • Capture planogram photos

    Take photos of product displays to enable the back-office teams to track the planogram and contractual terms compliance.

  • Take orders

    Besides classic merchandising operations and tasks, Mobisale enables your merchandisers to capture orders for their customers, collect payments, and more.

Instant access to relevant information

  • Customer information at a glance

    Sales reps can access all relevant information on the customer from the point of sale, including: order history, open invoices, reorder suggestions, and other analytics. With these insights, sales reps can personalize the sales experience and increase the order size.

  • Turn data into insights

    Mobisale offers extremely insightful and action-oriented out-of-the-box analytics through dashboards, views, and reports over products, customers, and trends so your field teams will be able to make informed decisions at the point of sale.

Working offline = No downtime


    Enable your merchandisers to communicate their insights from store visits with your sales representatives to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Zero connectivity Worries

    Work does not need to pause when connectivity challenges arise. Sales reps can work in an offline mode without losing functionality. Mobisale and your company’s ERP will synchronize automatically once connectivity is reestablished. 

  • Amazing user experience

    Bring your merchandisers the easiest-to-use and intuitive solution on the market, so you can increase the adoption, usability, and engagement of your sales reps.

  • Gamification and team collaboration

    Run competitions between your merchandisers on visits or any other KPI to encourage them to do more every day and harness the power of the team to improve outcomes.

Real time monitoring over retail execution activities

  • Monitor field activities

    Real-time dashboard shows reporting on in-store activities, surveys analysis, photos taken, track GPS location of merchandisers reports, and get alerts on different issues.

  • Plan your merchandising activities

    With Mobisale, you can plan and schedule store visits more efficiently.

Fully integrated with your ERP and back office systems

  • Fast and secured integration

    So your trade marketing teams will have all the relevant information on the customer and your products at the point of sale.

  • Cloud based or on-premise

    Mobisale runs in either private or public cloud, powered by AWS cloud infrastructure, or on your premises. It enables you the modularity, agility, and scalability that you need for easy deployment, with adjustment for local requirements to meet your global needs.

  • Technology partners

    Mobisale can integrate with CRM systems and BI solutions – so you will have the best tools and the most advanced technologies, without leaving our app.

  • Exceptional customer success support

    Mobisoft expert customer success teams will walk you through a very simple deployment process with an easy configuration to meet your needs.