Drive higher van sales and
productivity with Mobisale

Mobisale enables van sales personnel to manage their stock and sell more productively and effectively, empowering them and their managers to make smarter real-time decisions on the spot.

Maximize your van sales efficiency

  • Quick order taking and invoicing

    Easily take orders, replenish goods, process returns, issue invoices, collect payments, capture electronic signatures, and prints document – all during store visits.

  • Full support for complex pricing

    Mobisale supports unique pricelists per customer, with special promotions and discounts, as well as manual discounts –  based on your ERP or our back-office data.

  • 360 Customer information at a glance

    Get all the relevant information on the customer at the point of sale: order history, open debts and smart analytics, so you can personalize the sale and increase order size.

  • Zero connectivity worries

    Work does not need to pause when connectivity challenges arise. Sales reps can work in an offline mode, without losing functionality. Mobisale and your company’s ERP will synchronize automatically once connectivity is reestablished.

Increased inventory and sales visibility

  • Improved Inventory control

    Track and manage delivered, damaged, and returned inventory – all while on the go! 

  • Schedule routes

    Plan and schedule store visits and deliveries more efficiently.

  • Easy navigation

    Your drivers can navigate easily and beat traffic via integration with navigation services like Google Maps and Waze, without leaving the Mobisale app.

Gain control over your field operations

  • Keep your eyes on the field

    Mobisale supports GPS location services, so you can know where your reps are at any time of the work day. Where they sent orders or how much time they spent with each customer. This way you can manage your team most effectively.

  • Real-time management approvals

    Managers can receive exception approval requests to a dedicated app on their smartphones, so they can approve or decline real-time requests from the field for price exceptions, sales to customers exceeding credit limits, and more.

Fully integrated with your back-office systems

  • Fully Integrated with your ERP

    Mobisale integrates easily, fully, and securely with the leading ERP, WMS, TMS, and accounting systems.

  • Choose your device

    Mobisale provides you the freedom to choose whether you want to equip your drivers with a rugged handheld device or to work with their smartphones – Mobisale runs on all leading mobile devices.

  • Fully configurable for your needs

    Whether fully hosted or using on-premise deployment, Mobisale was designed to meet unique requirements and fit your needs. You can configure everything: from whether drivers can change the order of tasks, to what data they need to capture for every delivery, as well as which KPIs you monitor over the dashboard.

  • Mobile payment and invoice printing

    Mobisale enables you to easily capture payments and print receipts on the go using mobile Bluetooth printers.