Achieve logistical excellence and
provide better customer experience

With a simple app for the driver, a real-time visual dashboard for the team at headquarters, and the ability to tailor a personalized customer experience, Mobisale provides a comprehensive solution to manage your enterprise logistics.

Monitor your deliveries in real-time to improve operational efficiency

  • Full Visibility

    Plan, dispatch, and analyze deliveries through a single customizable dashboard. Track drivers and orders in real-time over a map and resolve issues based on customizable alerts.

  • Real-time team communication

    Save time by eliminating phone calls between your headquarters and the drivers in the field. Communicate in real-time changes in tasks, even after they’ve already left the distribution center.

  • Insightful actionable analytics

    Analyze and optimize the performance of your fleets and drivers according to data collected by the system: driving and waiting times, overloads, and more.

  • Go Paperless

    Save time for your drivers and back-office by enabling your driver to capture digital signatures from your customers. Eliminate papers, scanning, archiving, and errors, saving your time and money (It’s even green for the Earth!).

  • IoT capabilities for temperature and condition monitoring

    Mobisale integrates with digital sensors so you can monitor the storage temperature and other conditions on your trucks, preventing costly damage during transportation of perishable merchandise.

  • Improved SLA adherence

    With Mobisale’s dashboard, you have a full picture of all field operations and can make real-time decisions to stay compliant of your SLA. 

An app your drivers love to use

  • Say goodbaye to the paper trail

    With Mobisale, your drivers can access their job allocation/manifest on a simple-to-use mobile app, report the vehicle safety check and get the job done – all on a mobile app with a user-friendly interface.

  • Digital signature

    Capture proof of delivery by asking your customer to sign on the screen of your driver’s device and simply add recipient details (including photo ID). A PDF will be saved on your ERP or in a digital archive on the server.

  • More deliveries in less time

    Provide your driver with clear instructions for every delivery, with faster data input ability on a user-friendly interface app – so they can visit more customers each day.

  • Navigate easily

    Mobisale integrates with the leading navigation apps so your drivers can get real-time information about the shortest route to the customer, as well as traffic and road information, saving time and gas expenses.

  • Handle delivery exceptions

    There will always be exceptions: customers refuse to receive goods, damages during delivery, and more. With Mobisale, your driver can easily report on exceptions, saving back-office time and errors, while leaving manual processes behind.

Your customers expect no less than a superior customer experience

  • Real-time visibility on pick-up, delivery and ETA status

    Give your customers an “Uber” kind of experience by sending them a text message informing them the driver is on the route, with the driver’s location on the map and estimated time of arrival.

  • Improved satisfaction

    With customer surveys during and after your driver’s visit, you can make sure you keep your customers happy.

  • Branded Experience

    Customize the text messages, maps, and statements your customer receives with your branding graphics, fonts, and logo, adding Mobisale to your Omni-channel marketing tools.

  • Open communication

    Provide your customers the ability to communicate with your driver by a call or text with just a click.

IT compatibility and flexibility

  • Fully Integrated with your ERP

    Mobisale integrates easily, fully, and securely with the leading ERP, WMS, and TMS systems.

  • Choose your device

    Mobisale provides you the freedom to choose whether you equip your drivers with a rugged handheld or you just want them to work with their smartphones – the Mobisale solution runs on all leading mobile devices.

  • Mobile payment and invoice printing

    Mobisale enables you to simply capture payments and print receipts on the go using mobile Bluetooth printers.

  • Fully configurable for your needs

    Fully-hosted or on-premise deployment, Mobisale was designed to meet unique requirements and fit your needs. You can configure everything: from whether drivers can change the order of tasks, to what data they need to capture in every delivery, and to the KPIs you monitor over the dashboard.