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What we do

Mobisoft puts everything your sales and distribution teams need at their fingertips so they can work smarter and faster while making your customers happier.

Provide your sales reps the tool they need to sell more

Enable your field sales teams to sell smarter and faster and increase order size with an intuitive mobile app. Digital catalog, 360-view of every customer and product, selling recommendations, promotions, dashboards and more.


  • Keep reps updated with the latest inventory and product info
  • 360-view of every customer
  • Insightful reports and analytics
  • Full offline capabilities

Create the perfect in-store experience

Beat the competition on the shelf and stop losing sales due to a low level of display quality, out of stock merchandise and inefficient execution of activities at the point of sale. With Mobisale, your field teams can capture real-time market intelligence from the field, track planograms, get a 360° view of customer data and analyze customer results, so they can take action to increase sales.


  • Capture business information from the field
  • Track planograms, competition pricing, marketing materials and more
  • Get a 360° view of each customer
  • Insightful reports and analytics
  • Full offline capabilities

Enable your van sellers to sell more, in less time

Maximize the efficiency of your direct store deliveries by providing van sellers a simple and easy-to-use mobile app with their daily route, customer information, full catalog and customer-specific pricing and promotions, so they can quickly replenish goods, issue invoices or delivery notes, and collect payments in the field.


  • Issue invoices, delivery notes and collect payments in the field
  • Full catalog and customer-specific pricing and promotions
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive mobile app for handhelds and smartphones
  • Full offline capabilities

Distribute more efficiently

Bring your organization into the digital age by streamlining distribution processes and getting real-time control over your drivers’ operation in the field. Capturing electronic proof of delivery enables paperless work, while providing your customers a new, innovative and “Uber-like” experience.


  • Capture electronic proof of delivery
  • Drivers can easily report their field activities
  • Real-time dashboards for full control over field operations
  • Full offline capabilities

Become the company your customers love to order from

Your customers can now order from you any time, from anywhere with intuitive mobile apps and a web portal. They can place orders, discover new products, promotions, stock availability and more.


  • Customized catalog, pricing and promotions for every customer
  • Easy-to-use platform, no guidance needed
  • Fully-branded app for an Omnichannel experience
  • Integrated with your ERP

Loved and trusted by world-renowned CPG
manufacturers and wholesalers

“Mobisale has enabled us to get real-time information on how we look at the point-of-sale and connect the sales reps to a 360-view of the customer with the important highlights”

Sharona Leibu, IT Lead, Unilever READ MORE

Easy integration with the leading ERP and accounting systems

Pre-built to the leading ERP, BI and CRM systems so you can seamlessly integrate your field data

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