Mobisoft Partners With QuickBooks To Facilitate Field Sales And Distribution In Small and Medium-sized Companies

Mobisoft is proud to introduce a new collaboration with QuickBooks through its platform, Mobisale. Mobisale is a platform designed to provide cutting-edge field sales and distribution solutions to all size of companies, while QuickBooks is renowned accounting software that facilitates accounting services within small businesses. With this new partnership, Mobisale will supply the advanced capabilities and strategies of the world’s leading brands who run Mobisale, including Unilever, General Mills, British American Tobacco, and Michelin Tyres, to small and medium-sized wholesale distribution businesses using QuickBooks.

Mobisoft understands that field sales representatives in small and medium-sized companies are often faced with the challenge of accessing all-round information on the outlets they work with as well as customer-specific products and prices. Hence, it ensures that, through Mobisale, sufficient details on outlets, specific customer prices, promotions, stock levels, etc., are made available to enhance field sales and distribution and facilitate retail execution within the companies. In addition, through Mobisale’s seamless integration with QuickBooks, all these pieces of information will be transferred from the office computer to the field sales representative’s device, and the orders captured will flow back to the warehouse for picking.

With Mobisale, field sales representatives and distributors will become more productive and effective in their activities. It will also help them capture customers’ orders quickly, enabling them to increase profit as they attract more sales daily. Also, with Mobisale for QuickBooks, order taking is made easy and quickly to improve field sales operations.

“We are happy to share that our cutting edge platform for field sales and distribution of consumer goods is now available also for any CPG brands and wholesalers that are running QuickBooks for their small business. Together with QuickBooks, we are providing a plug-and-play integration, enabling companies to be up with Mobisale in less than a day! We have identified that although enterprise CPG and small businesses in wholesale distribution face different challenges, the field sales operations in all size of companies is very similar. With our cooperation with QuickBooks, we enable the small companies to enjoy the cutting-edge capabilities Mobisoft has delivered so far for the enterprise ones with competitive pricing and effortless implementation. We expect this to be a huge success and can’t wait to help more companies grow their sales,” said Matan Holander, CEO of Mobisoft.

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Matan Holander