Mobisoft recognized by POI as Best-In-Class in the 2021 Vendor Panorama for Retail Sales Execution in Consumer Goods

Promotion Optimization Institute recognizes and awards Mobisoft as Best-In-Class in the 2021 Vendor Panorama for Retail Sales Execution in Consumer Goods.

Mobisoft, a global leader in digital transformation of sales and distribution operations of consumer goods, received strong review as Best-In-Class in the latest Retail Sales Execution (RetX) Vendor Panorama 2021 published by the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI).

“We believe that Mobisoft being recognized by POI as top provider in the retail execution solutions space is another validation of our strong capabilities to help consumer goods brands and wholesalers to digitally transform their field sales and distribution operations with the next-gen platform Mobisale” Said Matan Holander, Mobisoft’s CO-CEO. “We are fully committed to continue to help our clients drive sales and distribution efficiency, while becoming the companies its customers loves to order from by providing the field teams the most advanced tools to take orders and collect business information from the points of sales, enabling drivers to deliver digitally and turning companies to paperless enterprises, and customers to order by themselves – all with seamless integration to the company’s ERP”.

As part of their review, POI mentioned that “Part of the strength points we found at Mobisoft are the out of the box usability and flexibility to meet most route to market needs (DSD, Van Sales, Merchandising, POD and Distributor managed), connecting all sales and distribution operations on the same platform to enable real-time communication. Simple, out of the box setup is appealing for implementation as well as the ongoing needs of a field sales team that may have frequent turnover. Also, the availability of a B2B app for customers to use along with other modules provides an all-in-one solution”

“Mobisoft prides themselves on the simple and intuitive Mobisale interface. Users are quickly able to get up to speed which drives adoption and effectiveness. The screen layout on tablets and smartphones is well thought-out, and functions are easily accessible. Critical information is provided in a logical fashion via tiles that can report data as a metric, a tabular report, or a chart. A common key feature is the use of “targets” which provide a context to metrics. For example, a rep can quickly see where they stand for a metric like dollars or units sold or stores visited versus a daily or monthly target.“

If your organization manufactures or distributes consumer goods and you are keen to learn more about how to drive sales and become the company its customers loves to order from, schedule a time with one of Mobisoft’s experts by emailing us at

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