General Mills
Customer Success Story

“Our drivers immediately felt empowered and more productive”

“We were looking for ways to increase efficiencies in our direct store deliveries. To our great pleasure, Mobisale vastly improved the efficiency of logistics, deliveries and order taking…and our drivers immediately felt empowered and more productive.”

Yossi Kapon, General Mills



General Mills is constantly searching for better ways to streamline the merchandise sale-delivery cycle and improve productivity as means of improving profitability.


  • Vansales teams use Mobisale to replenish goods faster,smarter and in a much more efficient way
  • Drivers are helping to facilitate orders, shortening the order cycles and improving customer service
  • Productivity has increased, boosting both customer and employee satisfaction
  • Drivers are using rugged handhelds to document proof of delivery, order taking and communicating customer requests in real time to management