Become the company your customers love to order from

Your customers can now order from you 24/7 with intuitive mobile apps and web portal, discover new products, promotions, stock availability and more. Now you can profitably serve customers you couldn't see before and extensively handle retailers with low order volume, while saving your sales reps and customers time and increasing customer satisfaction.

Deliver a personalize, modern buying experience

  • Receive orders anytime, anywhere

    In the Amazon-age, your customer  expect online ordering at their convenience. They do not want to be dependent on a sales rep, correspond by text or fax massages or to wait until your back-office will pick up the phone. They want to place an order and have it delivered asap.

  • Mobile first platform

    More than 80% of the online orders today are coming from mobile smartphones. This is the reason you need a commerce platform that is first designed for mobile, thereby improving the user experience.

  • New marketing tools

    Enable your customers to access YouTube videos, Facebook pages and links to your website, send them push notifications on new products and promotions, updates on deliveries, reminders to send orders, and open a new direct communication channel between your brand and your customers.

  • Save your sales reps time

    Studies show that 70% of the time your sales rep spent at a customer is “wasted” on transferring technical information – stock levels, product information and more. Let your customers receive this information by themselves, so your sales reps can visit more customers, and gain more value from their time with each of them.

Offer the ultimate convenience on order placement

  • Access all your product information

    Customers can easily find new products or search products they already know from a catalog or by SKU, brand, name or barcode scanning, get information on each product – prices, promotions, technical information, complimentary products, replacements, and even product photos, videos and more.

  • Increase customer order size

    With smart algorithms based on previous orders, you can offer your customers the right products at the right time, so they will never miss anything, and you will grow your sales.

  • View and manage account information, receive payments

    Customer can view their account information, including open debts, credit limit and other financial information, as well as request to update account profile data. Customers can make payments with a credit card using our integration to 3rd party payment services.

  • Order templates and suggested orders to reduce retailer work

    Mobisale enables your customers save time when ordering from you by building different order templates they can use, so they will just need to update quantities, and add several products to their order. With smart algorithms, you can provide your customers a suggested order based on their previous orders, other customers’ orders, your inventory surpluses. etc.

Seamless ongoing management, easy set-up and integrations

  • Receive, review and approve orders

    Our back-office receives orders directly from the field so you can review, modify and confirm orders for immediate export to your ERP and processing. Establish approval workflows as needed.

  • Full customization for your brand

    It’s now fast and easy to configure Mobisale B2B in keeping with your brands guidelines with different fonts, graphics, logos and images.

  • Define your own set of business rules

    Define your minimum drop per order, order units for each product, credit limits and more in your ERP or in our back-office.

  • Full integration with your back-office

    Mobisale B2B integrates with leading ERP, accounting and BI systems simply, quickly and securely, so you will not need to manage data twice. Mobisale automatically extracts data from your ERP and update your ERP with your customers’ orders and payments.